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At Advance MarCom Strategies, we strive to understand which influencers, key opinion leaders and organizations have the potential to drive positive results for your company. Often this is in the form of creating a groundswell of support for a company’s product and/or service, that meets a significant need for a community or constituency. Often this support can help overcome potential obstacles by creating a sense of urgency and demand for products or services. Identifying and cultivating relationships with key advocacy organizations, if done properly, should lead to establishing “win/win” collaborations and partnerships that drive business. We work with your organization to create and execute a results-driven stakeholder advocacy campaign.  

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Having a strong government affairs program can often make or break a company. Whether it’s the need to modify existing legislation that may be causing an obstacle or creating a public-private partnership to address a pressing public need – we work closely with companies to understand and help identify opportunities for growth.  We have a strong history of working closely with both state and federal lobbyists and legislators – advocating on behalf of our clients. Let us help you form and shape future legislation to meet the needs of healthcare, higher education, life sciences, and technology industries through our services.



Advance MarCom Strategies supports and fosters productive community relations. When your organization takes an active interest in the well-being of its community, you can earn long-term benefits, including community support and loyalty. With your community’s support, it makes it easier to achieve your business goals. Community relations are integral to the success of your business plans. Whether its employee growth, facility expansion, new construction or other local community efforts, Advance MarCom Strategies can step in to help pave the way for growth. Advance MarCom Strategies also has experience establishing corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs to bring to light the value your organization brings to the greater community. 

store grand opening - cutting red ribbon