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Brands are dynamic and are perceived and understood by different people and organizations in different ways. With our longstanding expertise, we can assist your organization in finding its voice. A solid brand should aim to resonate with your key target audiences and create a meaningful connection that can develop and grow over time. Whether you’re looking to launch a new brand, considering extending your current brand or looking for a brand refresh, we use targeted research to ensure that our deliverable will resonate with your target audiences. At Advance MarCom Strategies, we work collaboratively to establish the right brand – one that increases engagement, builds trusts, and establishes long-term loyalty with your stakeholders.

Brand Strategy


When your organization is looking to bring a new product or service to the market, Advance MarCom Strategies is there to define a successful plan and assist in its execution. We understand all elements of a highly successful launch plan and how best to leverage earned, owned and paid media. Leveraging our experience, we work collaboratively to establish objectives and devise a plan to bring your goals to fruition. We are here to support your organization from the initial product launch concept to creating marketing collateral, determining which metrics to utilize for results, and all of the processes in between. A product launch can benefit your organization in various ways. We will work with you to ensure your product launch happens within the appropriate time-frame and budget.

Product Launches


Today’s successful marketing campaigns encompass several mediums and a multitude of approaches while leveraging the latest market research and technology. At Advance MarCom Strategies, we maximize all of the potential marketing communications channels to construct and integrated marketing plan that will achieve results for your organization. Backed by over 25 years of experience, we have witnessed how marketing has evolved, and we use that knowledge to stay ahead of the curve. We incorporate paid media through broadcast, print, digital, and other mediums to drive results. We fully integrate owned media to include your website, social media channels, email communications, and more. And our plans include an in-depth earned media strategy that generates third-party coverage in the form of print articles, blogs, streaming videos, and digital placements.

Integrated Marketing Plans
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At Advance MarCom Strategies, we understand all aspects of marketing and know the challenges that an organization can face. Whether you are in the midst of searching for an experienced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) or need someone with that level of experience on a part-time basis to launch a product or leverage business relationships, we can provide the support to address your needs. We can fill any gaps to ensure reliable performance across advertising, product launches, communications, media relations, and social media. 

Interim CMO Services
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