U.N. Plans To Increase Pandemic Appeal To $10B As Global COVID-19 Total Passes 13M; Countries Try To

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WHO Reports Record Daily Increase In COVID-19 Cases On Saturday; Total Global Cases Pass 14M

U.N. SG Guterres Slams International Community For Systemic Inequalities Exposed By Pandemic, Urges Major Reforms Of IMF, World Bank, Security Council; Other Officials Warn Pandemic Will Have Lasting Impacts

Media Outlets Examine Various Aspects Of Novel Coronavirus Vaccine R&D, Access, Funding

Drug Regulators Continue Cooperation Amid Political Pressures, European Medicines Agency Head Says

Pandemic Gaining Momentum In Africa, Asia; NYT Examines Europe's COVID-19 Response; Brazil Health Workers May Have Spread Virus To Indigenous Populations; Syrian Government Takes Action As Cases Rise; White House Seeks To Block Funding For CDC, Testing, Tracing

News Outlets Examine U.S. Government's Response To COVID-19 Pandemic, Highlight Role Of Deborah Birx, 2018 State Department Cable Expressing Concern Over Wuhan Lab Personnel

E.U. Leaders Enter 4th Day Of Negotiations Over COVID-19 Recovery Plan

Melinda Gates Discusses Importance Of Focus On Women During Pandemic In Opinion Piece, Interview; Gates Foundation Investing In Efforts To Develop Vaccines, Therapies

UNAIDS Taking Comprehensive Approach To Developing New Strategy; POZ Highlights Studies On HIV In Children, Criminalization Of Gay Sex In Africa Presented At AIDS 2020

Ebola Cases Increase In Latest DRC Outbreak; WHO Reports COVID-19, Funding Shortfalls Impacting Control Efforts

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Editorial, Opinions Address U.S. Global Health Response, Including COVID-19-Related Actions, WHO Withdrawal, Anti-Prostitution Pledge

Opinion Pieces Address Issues Related To COVID-19, Global Poverty, U.N. Role

From the Global Health Policy Community

Speech, Release, Commentary Address SDGs, Malnutrition Amid COVID-19

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KFF Provides Resources On Global, Domestic Aspects Of COVID-19 Pandemic


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